UPDATE: California’s New Cap And Trade Market

Last November, I calculated how much money it would take to offset the carbon emissions from my previous house, based upon the price per ton of CO2 emitted. This price per ton was taken from the first auction in California’s new cap and trade market.

They recently held the second auction and the price has now risen from $10.71 to $13.62. Given the increase, and using the figure of 3,553 lbs of CO2 that are emitted to power my old house, it would cost $24.20 to offset my CO2 emissions.

This is an increase of $6.28 from last November’s price ($17.92).

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I once neglected my impact on the environment. I rarely recycled and I didn't go out of my way to support sustainable businesses. I am seeking to change that and live a sustainable life. Old habits die hard, but this blog will be my call to action.

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