Navigating Sustainability by the Sea

Sustainability by the Sea

Sustainability. It’s the buzz word in the “green” movement these days. It’s the driving force behind the changes I am applying to my lifestyle. This site will capture my personal sustainability movement.

Check out my energy posts to see how energy plays a role in my life. The water posts analyze my water use and how I can conserve. My food posts look into where I get my food and what changes I can make to my diet to make it more locally-sourced and organic. I’ve recently interned on an organic farm and my farm posts describe that experience. My hiking posts follow me as I explore my local areas and geek out on GPS technology.

I like to put everything in my life into numbers, and I’ll be sharing that with my web calculators. I just programmed one to take the numbers from a Kill A Watt energy meter and give the total costs of a device. Check them out.

As I navigate this journey to sustainability, I’ll discover new ways of thinking along the way. I want to reiterate that I am not a sustainability expert at this point in my life, and this site is more about the adventure along the way then a how-to guide. I appreciate any comments and feedback you can give me. Thanks for reading Sustainability by the Sea.



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  1. Cathleen Clark says:

    My daughter and I just found your blog and it’s pretty cool! She lives in SB and I live in Lompoc, and we’re always looking for gentle hikes in SB County. Thanks for the GPS, photos and address information of each hike. Appreciated!

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